Trainer Peter Vieveen

petervieveen.jpgEXPERT IN
Peter Vieveen has acquired large experience (more than thirty years) in various industries fulfilling several project management and business consultancy roles. He took part in various complex data management projects in a multi-cultural, multi-lingual business environment. His ability to focus on business opportunities in a practical and efficient manner has resulted in tangible benefits for his clients.
As president of DAMA NL and VP Chapter services of DAMA International he represents data experts on various data management conferences, such as data driven leadership, data quality, data privacy and data architecture. He is a lecturer at the Utrecht University of applied sciences.

Peter combines his lecturer skills with programme management assignments. He acts as a liaison between business and IT.
He realises the bridge traditional datamanagementand data science. Through a solution-oriented approach he will make sure that the implementation will be supported by the business and IT.