Are you ready to become a data driven organization? Is your data quality mature enough to support that? Do you have the appropriate skills in house to embark on this journey? Are your suppliers ready for a partnership?

The objective of datamanagement is to deliver the right data, on the right time to the right people using the same language.
This training learns you this language and will enable you to deliver consistent, unambiguous, future proof solutions that supports your business requirements.

> Data Management Fundamentals



Data Management Fundamentals


The course addresses ALL disciplines as identified by the international standard, DAMA Body of Knowledge (DMBOK2) and is aimed to individuals interested in developing concrete professionalism in the field of Data Management.

The course allows participants to familiarize themselves with the key concepts of the 11 areas of Data Management, tackling practical exercises and applications enriched with case studies and examples, as well as developing their own case studies and concept maps.

In addition, the course provides a solid foundation for those students who want to certify themselves according to the industrial standard Certified Data Management Professional.